Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Salt-Free Vegan Vegetable Bouillon Cubes

Early last year, I came across these vegan vegetable bouillon cubes by Rapunzel, with no salt added, at a natural foods grocery store called Jandi's in Oceanside, New York. Jandi's, by the way, is awesome. It even has a vegetarian deli!

Nowadays, I rarely purchase cartons of vegetable broth. Even those cartons of low or reduced sodium vegetable broth still contain, in my opinion, too much sodium. These eight vegan cubes per package make approximately 16 cups of broth. These are especially great to have when you're making soups that call for 6 or 8 cups of vegetable broth. Rather than having to open two cartons of veggie broth, I just toss 3 or 4 cubes directly in the cooking pot, along with 6 or 8 cups of water, and stir until the cubes dissolve.

They're very flavorful. I had been ordering these from Amazon.com and getting free shipping. The Amazon.com reviews for this product are generally positive. Unfortunately, I don't see the free shipping option anymore on that website, so I may have to see if Whole Foods has them in stock or find a better online deal.


Nancy said...

Those things sound wonderful. I just followed the Amazon link in your post, and they're eligible for free shipping if your order totals $25.

Good to see the both of you this evening, and thanks for reminding me of the name of your blog.


DAVID said...

Hi Nancy - the $25 free shipping only applies if the product being offered is "shipped and sold by" Amazon. So, be sure to look to see who is the seller on Amazon.com. I did just come across this tonight:


So, if you were to buy two quantities (12 boxes), you should be eligible for free shipping. I'm gonna take advantage of this now, because I did not see this being offered when I was writing this post.

Joi said...

We love these cubes as well. We find them in our neighborhood Food Lion.

kevin tan said...

It made with salt. If you look at the ingredient of the bouillon.