Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amazing Raw Food in Washington, DC

a raw-food pizza..
"a raw-food pizza" by flickr member francistoms

I hesitate to post this, because it might make it harder for me to book a reservation for next month!

Last Friday night, my partner and I, and five others, went to a "restaurant" that served only raw food. The word "restaurant" is being used here in quotes, because it is my understanding that the chef, Elizabeth Petty of Elizabeth's Gone Raw, rents out the space, a rowhouse on L Street, NW, a few times every month to host these special events. The dining room seats about 75 people.

As a lead-up to Valentine's Day, every course served on Friday contained raw cacao as an ingredient. I regret not having taken any photos of each dish with my iphone, but the full menu description from that evening can be found here. The dishes were served in the following order: 1) rosemary pear soup with chocolate creme fraiche; 2) spinach salad with fennel; 3) chocolate hemp cracker; 4) chocolate coffee sorbet; 5) chocolate coconut spring roll on spicy kelp noodles (blew me away!); and 6) cacao cake with lavender (again, blew me away!). While we were waiting to be seated, we got to munch on "cheesy" (from nutritional yeast, I assume) kale chips, while drinking a glass of bubbly.

In a nutshell, it was the best vegan dining I have ever experienced. By evening's end, I was full, but not stuffed. And no, I was not eating cold food. Almost every course was served at, or close to, room temperature. More information about upcoming events, hosted by Ms. Petty, can be found here.

Personally, I would like to incorporate some raw food as part of my own diet. I do have a raw foods cookbook, but I have avoided trying any recipes from it because of the extensive preparation required and, let's be frank, the significantly higher costs associated with purchasing fresh vegetables. (There's just something wrong when you find yourself paying $2.99 per pound for red or green bell peppers, yet, thanks to generous federal subsidies, you would only be paying $1.79 per pound for corn-fed pork chops. And do not even get me started on the poor-people-are-overweight-because-they-lack-any-sense-of-personal-responsibility stance you often hear from some our political representatives.)

A final word in this post on the subject of my own diet: I am down exactly 10 pounds since the start of the new year, thanks to portion control and exercise (spinning and tennis). Woo hoo! Recently, I received the book, The Carb Lovers Diet. I purchased it, because, well, I LOVE pasta. I'm still going through the book and am looking forward to sharing any interesting information from it that I come across.