Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blogger Photos Not Sharp? Here's What I've Learned

"Typical" by flickr member trazomfreak

For reasons I've been unable to figure out until recently, the photos I've been posting on this blog have been lacking sharpness. When I look back at all of the photos I've posted, all of them have a certain "graininess" to them. Is it the camera? The lenses? The fact that I wasn't shooting in RAW format, which I recently switched to? Nope.

So, I did some online research and came across
this in the Blogger Help Forum. And it worked.

emoving the /s200, /s320, or /s400 from the HTML depending on the size of your photo (small, medium, or large) should help enhance the sharpness of your photos on Blogger. For example, here is the photo of the somen with dipping sauce I posted last week, without having removed the /s400:

And here is the same photo after having removed the /s400:

Notice how sharper the image of the noodles is in the second photo. Definitely tastier looking!


Lauren said...

I will try this! I've noticed this exact same problem - and I think my photos look icky. Thank you! :-)

Olafusi Olalekan said...

Please how do I remove d s200 or s400 as the case may be. Im experience this same issue too.