Monday, December 7, 2009

Koyo Foods Brand Packaged Ramen Soup

Making ramen noodle soup from scratch isn't difficult at all.

Sometimes, though, I get a craving for ramen, but don't want to spend more than, say,
4 minutes preparing it.

The packages of ramen soup (Nissin or Maruchan brands) that are commonly found in grocery stores aren't vegetarian friendly. Their flavor packets typically contain animal byproducts. I also avoid these ramen packages because their flavor packets contain monosodium glutamate (MSG).

While the vegetarian Koyo Foods brand packages of ramen soup I recently purchased at My Organic Market in Alexandria contain no MSG, their sodium content is nonetheless high. For example, the Seaweed Ramen I had for lunch on Sunday contains 785 mgs of sodium, which is, unfortunately, comparable to the amount of sodium found in packages of Nissin and Maruchan brands of ramen.

As for taste, the Koyo ramen soup was quite good. The broth for the Seaweed Ramen was like a very light miso soup. I'll definitely keep a few packages on hand, for a quickie lunch or snack.

you can get your hands on this product, it's worth checking out. Amazon sells 12 packages for about $15.

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Craig said...

You're just pure class sometimes! And what, may I ask, was the trans-fat content?