Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ideas for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Meal

"Vegetarian Herb Stuffing (3)" from ccharmon

I thought these articles might be of interest to readers who are preparing Thanksgiving meals next week. The post from Chef in You was particularly good.
  • Thanksgiving 2009" via Chef In You
  • "What to feed your vegan guest on Thanksgiving" via Newsleader
  • "A Very Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Best Restaurant Feasts & Tips for Cooking at Home" via Digital City
  • "Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu" via River Wired
My partner and I are probably going to cook something Italian for Thanksgiving, which will be a gathering of four, including his mother and his aunt. I was thinking of a really nice lasagna. But after reading the articles above, I really like the idea of a vegetable pot pie.

What are you ideas for a vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving?

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Beatrice said...

I've done lasagna for Thanksgiving before and I'll probably do it again -- but a veggie pot pie sounds wonderful.

One of my favorite Thanksgivings was a vegetarian potluck, with no one "main dish."