Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pita Pocket Sandwich at Hotel Restaurant

Right now, I'm in Nashville. But I wanted to write about a nice vegetarian meal I had at my hotel in Naples on Monday.

For lunch on Monday at the hotel restaurant, I ordered a pita pocket sandwich, stuffed with cucumbers, red and yellow tomatoes, sprouts, avocado, and portobello mushrooms, accompanied by a simple side salad (spring mix) and curly fries.

For $12. And this was the least expensive item on the menu.

I wonder if this beach-front hotel jacks up its restaurant prices during peak winter season? During the off-season, room rates at this hotel are a steal. There are very few people staying at this hotel right now. I was so tempted on Monday afternoon to go lay out on the sand. Unfortunately, I had work that needed to get done in preparation for Tuesday's full schedule.

I did manage, though, to get to the beach at around 9 p.m., where I sat on the sand drinking a couple of glasses of wine and listening to the waves crashing. Very relaxing.

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