Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Good "Chicken" Lo Mein

Three months ago, I used Lightlife brand mock beef strips to make "beef" stroganoff. The "beef" strips were nasty. Way too salty. Horrible texture.

And so, too, were the Lightlife brand "chick'n style" strips, which I used this weekend to make "chicken" lo mein, to accompany the
sweet-and-sour tempeh dish I also made. Again, super salty. Horrible texture.

The lo mein recipe came from the Vegetarian Times.
Truthfully, I've never had much luck with recipes from
VT, so I probably should have spent more time looking elsewhere for a better lo mein recipe or, in the alternative, followed my gut instinct telling me to simply omit the "chicken" strips from the dish.

While VT's version of lo mein wasn't all that bad once you picked out the "chicken" strips, I don't see myself making it again.

Click here to view the recipe. Otherwise, consider this post a review of Lightlife's "chick'n style" strips, which I'm giving thumbs down.


Judi said...

I agree that the Lightlife "chicken" strips aren't the best. I used mine up by stuffing them in a burrito surrounded by beans, salsa, etc. where I couldn't taste them as much.

Have you tried Quorn? They have "chik'n tenders" and other products that I really love.

DAVID said...

Judi, I will have to check out Quorn the next time I'm at my regular grocery store or at Whole Foods. I don't think, though, that I've ever seen that brand.