Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Le Sandwich Takes a Bite Out of French Tradition" via Washington Post

"Un cafe en Paris" via Mabel Flores

The gradual death of cafes in Paris?

According to this article in yesterday's Washington Post, more and more French people are resorting to fast food - in particular, sandwiches ordered to go at food stands - for their noon meal.
[this] change has often come at the expense of neighborhood cafes, where lunch still means a hot dish like grandma used to make and sitting around the table for an hour of conversation with friends or colleagues. The number of bars and cafes in France has fallen from 200,000 half a century ago to 38,600, according to industry associations. More than 2,000 went out of business last year alone as an indoor smoking ban took effect and the world economic crisis bit into budgets.
And McDonald's has been one of the beneficiaries of this change in eating habits.

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