Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekly Recipe Recap for the Week Ending 5.15.2009 (Click on Image)

From top: spinach and strawberry salad; butternut risotto with crispy seitan; and mock
"egg" salad sandwich


Steven Reichert said...

Hi David, I'm Steven Reichert, a friend of Bill Sawicki. He shared your blog with me a couple months ago, and I've been viewing occasionally ever since. I think you've really come a long way with your photos and recipes! Everything looks so yummy. I'll keep coming back.

I also have a blog, and I invite you to check it out at


DAVID said...

Hey Steve. I know who you are - you're the guy who claimed not to know how to play poker and then proceeded to take my money last year!

Thanks for the compliments, and I love your cabinadventures blog! Your DIY walkway/patio is the perfect inspiration I need to get started on my own front and back patios.