Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vegan Pro Baseball Player via the Star Tribune

"Pat Neshek warming up" by peterreike

Earlier today, I came across this article featuring the vegan diet of Minnesota Twins' relief pitcher Pat Neshek.

What I found particularly interesting, though, were readers' comments that followed the article, including this one that said:
I have a girlfriend who is in Nesheks wifes shoes, she is a vegan. She had me try it for a month. I did. I just got done a week ago. I didnt lose any more weight than I normally did eating meat, plus I felt sick more because I wasn't getting the protein meat brings. I feel bad about what happens to the animals, but this country was founded by hunters and gatherers so we all wouldnt be here if it wasnt for killing animals. I wasn't losing more weight, plus I was losing muscle going vegan. Its not just about weight. Its healthier to be a little heavier and have more muscle, than be really skinny without much muscle. I lost some muscle going vegan. My advice would be to not go vegan.
Hmmmm . . . . Losing muscle as a result of going vegan?

Apparently, though, going vegan didn't hurt UFC fighter Mac Danzig. He clearly isn't lacking in the muscles department.

Damn, what a body!

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Unknown said...

I get that all the time as a vegan runner. It's a common misconception and I'm learning to just let it slide.