Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Funny Story from the Blogosphere . . . .

"jalapenos" by pink_fish13

Very funny post over at Cooking School Confidential involving a jalapeno pepper and a certain part of the male anatomy.

I recall one time removing my soft contact lenses after having cut some jalapeno peppers. Even though I had washed my hands thereafter, I still had (unbeknownst to me) some residual jalapeno oil on my fingers. My eyes started to burn badly when I proceeded to use my thumb and index finger to remove the contact lenses.

But then I did something stupid. I put the contact lenses back in my eyes the following morning, without even thinking that perhaps I might have transmitted the jalapeno oil from my fingers to the contact lenses when I had removed them the night before. Ouch!

It took me forever to remove the contact lenses that morning, because I had difficulty opening my eyes because of the searing pain.

Lesson learned. Use gloves or wrap your hands in dish towels or plastic grocery bags (my preference) when handling jalapeno peppers.


cookingschoolconfidential.com said...

Oh, even though the pepper incident didn't happen to me, I can imagine the pain both yo and he felt.

He soothed with with yogurt. You ... alas, that would not have worked.

Glad you survived!


Rayne Today said...

Must wear gloves when making pepper jelly as well. Agh.

Made a batch of pepper jelly using the last peppers from the garden one fall, a selection of mostly red jalapenos, with a few Thai and one or two habaneros. Wore gloves while handling the Thai and habaneros, but not while working on the jalapenos, didn't notice any problems.

Or at least I didn't until I started stirring the jelly as it began to boil. The vinegar in the jelly mixture apparently opens all the pores of your skin, even nasal passages, allowing the vapors to attack any part of the body it comes in contact with. My hands hurt so badly I couldn't grip anything for hours, my nose ran for the same length of time.

The jelly was very tasty -- spicy!!! -- and worth making, but never add Thai or habaneros and definitely keep the gloves on the entire time.

DAVID said...

Pepper jelly sounds yummy. I should try making this. I'll make sure to keep good distance from stove as jelly reaches boil.