Thursday, May 21, 2009

Equal Time!

Most recently, I featured April, my chihuahua, on her second birthday.

Today, I'm featuring Joy, my other chihuahua. Joy has had a rough week. While my partner was cutting her nails on Monday, he cut into the quick twice. The quick is the live part of the nail that contains blood vessels. We had to wrap her paw in gauze to prevent blood from getting everywhere.

Then yesterday morning, Joy had to go to the vet to get her teeth cleaned. The vet had to put her under to clean the plaque from her teeth, as well as to extract a tooth. Several hours later, she was able to come home.

She's very happy to be back home!


AJ said...

Hey, you could at least say I've been cutting her nails for two years and this was the first time! I feel bad enough about it!

She's very happy this morning, though.

Opti said...

Trauma! It's awful when that happens!!! The best thing about dogs is how quickly they forget :-)