Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vegetarian Options at Red Egg in New York City

"chinatown" by 2litros

Yesterday, I was in Newark for work. I'm in New York City today and tomorrow for work.

I love New York City! I wish I could (afford to) live here. Tonight, I'm staying at the Holiday Inn in Chinatown. It's a nice hotel with a friendly staff.

My coworker and I ate dinner tonight at this wonderful Chinese restaurant right down the street from our hotel. The restaurant is called Red Egg (202 Centre Street). For dinner, I had tofu with mushrooms. The restaurant informed me that the dish was made with "house tofu," as opposed to tofu that's been purchased at a market. I've had fresh tofu many times before, and the tofu I had tonight was simply delicious. If you're not a fan of tofu, though, there are approximately 10 other vegetarian dishes that seem worthy of checking out at Red Egg.

I can't wait to take my partner here. I think he would like it.


AJ said...

You can take me there.

And I'll let you pay!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info about the restaurant. The Holiday Inn in Chinatown..its a super well located gem super close to everything. I like your recipes.I want to know how did you become a vegetarian? Is it difficult?

DAVID said...

Surprisingly, the switch to vegetarianism wasn't that difficult for me. It started off initially as sort of an experiment following an amazing vegetarian meal I had at a restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, DE, called Planet X Cafe in 2007.

From there, I just started trying all kinds of vegetarian dishes, and found myself hooked. It probably also helped (just a bit) that I also started losing excess weight following the switch. Other factors, such as concern for the environment, also played a role my decision to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.