Friday, March 13, 2009

D.C. Korean Food Cart - Vegetarian Bibimbap

A coworker of mine, who is a
vegetarian, was recently telling me about some of the places he goes to for lunch that have decent vegetarian selections. One of these places is a Korean food cart in D.C., near the southeast corner of “L” Street and 14th Street, NW. The cart is bright yellow in color, so it’s somewhat hard to miss. The mother and son team serve up various bulgolgi and bibimbap with meat. They also offer a vegetarian bibimbap.

I decided to get lunch there today. The vegetarian bibimbap ($6.75) I ordered consisted of cooked rice topped with a fried egg, alongside various pickled vegetables, including julienned carrots, spinach, bean sprouts, and kimchi (pickled cabbage). I poured some spicy red sauce over it all.

This dish was really, really good – I highly recommend you check it out! Again, it's the yellow cart at
14th Street and “L” Street, NW.


Rayne Today said...

Oh yeah, definitely a big splat of sriracha on top of that for lunch. Yum!

Margaret Pinard said...

This place is GREAT! And as an update, they are now located on K St. NW between 14th and Vermont.