Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Veggie Watching the Washington Post Food Section (#2)

The food section's main article might be of interest to vegetarians. It's about a restaurant called Ubuntu, in Napa,California, and its chef, Jeremy Fox. Ubuntu touts itself as a "vegetable," not a vegetarian, restaurant, with the focus being "a celebration of the garden," as opposed to the fact that no meat is served there.

There was also a fun article about a group of D.C. bloggers who make up the foodie website, Internet Food Association. By day, these individuals work in such fields as education, urban planning, and health care policy. At night, they're live blogging Bravo's "Top Chef," among other food-related topics.

Finally, in keeping with the vegetable, or the vegetarian theme, of the main article, this week's Front Burner meal featured a
vegetarian recipe for "Mushroom, Spinach and Fontina Panini" that can be prepared in approximately 35 minutes.

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