Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hijiki with Carrots via The Kitchn

I love design, especially mid-century modern design. One of my favorite design blogs is Apartment Therapy, with its emphasis on small space living solutions. I am constantly checking Apartment Therapy throughout the day for ideas and inspiration.

Apartment Therapy has a great companion food site called The Kitchn. Yesterday, a recipe (vegan) posted on The Kitchn for Hijiki with Carrots caught my attention.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a package of dried hijiki (black seaweed) strands at Super H Market, a large pan-Asian grocery store in Northern Virginia. The Kitchn reports that hijiki may also be found at many health food stores and at Whole Foods Market.

I purchased the hijiki with the thought of making a salad using a recipe I saw in one of my Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks. But this hijiki salad from The Kitchn, with its flecks of orange from the carrots, looks so much more visually appealing. I especially like the use of sliced kumquats as a garnishing.

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