Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Veggie Watching the Washington Post Food Section

The feature article, "Pasta Tonight," was fun to read, even though the recipe accompanying it was Pork Ragu for a Crowd. The article offered basic and useful information on how to match pasta shape to sauces and how to cook your pasta so that it comes out perfectly every time.

Equally important, though, the article reminded us that pasta is inexpensive, and in these uncertain economic times, inexpensive is a good thing.

Finally, the back page of the food section had a graphic titled "Pasta Pairings, by the Numbers," which provided recipes for 6 simple sauces, 4 of which were vegetarian, including a tomato cream sauce, a Gorgonzola sauce, a mushroom ragu, and a roasted red pepper sauce. A link for these recipes may be found
here. (Free registration may be required to view.)