Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Almost Vegetarian Blog Author Goes to Culinary School

I first came across the blog, Almost Vegetarian, in fall of 2008. I really enjoy reading this blog, the content of which is overwhelmingly geared toward vegetarians and those interested in becoming vegetarians. The blog is nicely designed and, more importantly, the writing is honest and sincere.

Two weeks ago, the author of Almost Vegetarian announced she would be attending culinary school and that she would be blogging about her experiences as a student.

Yesterday, for the first time, I checked out her culinary school blog, CookingSchoolConfidential.com. It offers a day-to-day account of her life as a student, both inside and outside the classroom. She shares with us what she has learned (practical information for anyone who enjoys cooking) and what she is in the process of learning. As someone who occasionally dreams of attending culinary school, I find this blog fascinating. It's definitely one of my new favorite reads!

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cookingschoolconfidential.com said...

I just stumbled across this (actually, one of my readers sent it to me - I have very nice readers). What a lovely post. Really, people are being so kind. And it is really appreciated. Especially now when I am battling long, long days and hot kitchens and burnt fingers and aching feet ad sleepless nights (I toss and turn and cook in my head!) and ...

So thank you. This is clearly your good deed for the month!